Shedding Skin: A New Year, A New Look


Dear Friends,

2018 was a year of major change for me – changes personal, interpersonal, musical – so it seems only appropriate to move forward into the new year with a new public skin as well. After 7 years, I figured a makeover of my website was… perhaps more than a little overdue.

especially since I cut my hair. Two years ago.

So, welcome to the brand new!

This new site is definitely more modern and user-friendly than my old one, so I’ll be sharing content here much more actively than before.

As a channel to process, while I continue to work on new music, I decided to add this blog section to the site, so I’ll be sharing thoughts here from the trail as they occur to me. Hot topics in circulation currently that most likely will be resurfacing in my ramblings:

Third Culture identity
3:2 / Ternary vs. Binary
Alexander Technique
Intonation / Resonance

Meanwhile, do feel free to browse around the site, and be sure check out some of the incredible new music that I’ve had the honor to have played on by Louis de Mieulle & Matt Garstka (Animals as Leaders), Gabriela Martina and Meridian 71, and drop me a line in the Contact section.

There is also a Store section that I’ll keep adding stuff to as it comes to me; if you don’t already have a copy of “un”, you know where to find it.

On the live front, you can catch me onstage around the US with our new quintet Sawaari, Newpoli, Gabriela Martina and others.

So… stay Tuned, much new to come!