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Boston Voyager:

“…much of my own search is and has been a process of attempting to reconcile this ternary cultural identity with environments that are often binary: what is one, if one is neither/nor, but always somewhere in-between, culturally, socially, politically, personally, musically?

It’s an interesting time to explore such questions since I feel there are so many parallels to what I perceive from my perspective our increasingly globalized and inter-connected world going through, moving from an antiquated binary, colonial worldview towards a more fluid, ternary one where things aren’t quite as either-or, us-and-them, for-or-against. The possibilities, dilemmas, hopes, struggles, gravitational tensions and releases of all this fascinate and puzzle me on a very deep, personal level. I know it can seem that the world is more polarized and divided in some respects than ever, but in others, borders are breaking down and we are factually more connected than ever. The growing pains and questions of identity are real.”

–Interview with Boston Voyager

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“Guitarist/oudist Reijonen’s meditative sounds echo his cultural influences.”

–Interview with Jeremy D. Goodwin

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All About Jazz:
”Playground of sound and texture”

“Jussi Reijonen is an exceptional musician. On his debut recording as a leader, Un (Self Produced, 2012), the Finnish guitarist/oudist has succeeded in crystallizing a spectrum of influences, sounds and textures into a highly personal, sensual mosaic that blurs the distinction between jazz, Middle Eastern traditional music, West African music, and even Finnish folk elements.“

–Interview with Eyal Hareuveni

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riffi [finland]:
”A Guitarist finds his identity”

“Could Jussi Reijonen have what it takes to become a future cosmopolite of music? Time will tell, but his debut album ‘Un’ forecasts a bright future.”


“Olisiko Jussi Reijosessa ainesta tulevaksi musiikin kosmopoliitiksi? Aika näyttää, mutta ainakin debyyttilevy ‘Un’ lupaa hyvää tulevaisuutta ajatellen.”

–Interview with Timo Östman

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Jazz Inside New YorK:

“‘…you have such a beautiful accent when you speak. Why do I not hear that when you play guitar?’ That just stopped me … my whole outlook changed – what was my accent? Where was I from? What is my own handwriting in sound? It sparked an entire re-evaluation of myself on many levels, not only musically.”

–Interview with Eric Nemeyer

Helsingin Sanomat [Finland]:
”A Guitarist with A home nowhere”

Music, too, is a dialect, a way to communicate where I am from.”


Musiikkikin on murre, tapa sanoa mistä mie oon kotoisin.”

– Interview with Sonja Saarikoski


Lapin Kansa [Finland]:
“The Value of Art is Immeasurable”

“I closed my eyes as the familiar tune [“Naima”] from a jazz legend played and opened them later to make room for tears. The music that Reijonen had composed as a sonic picture of his Lappish roots was so beautiful that I felt as if it had cleansed me. All the pettiness, jealousy and bitterness that had gathered in me peeled away, and what was left was only the human being I would like to be. They were tears of joy, that flowed hot onto my cheeks without cramps of any kind. I suppose it was a spiritual experience, although I have never experienced anything spiritual in the religious sense.


“Suljin silmäni jazzlegendan tutun kappaleen soidessa ja avasin ne myöhemmin tehdäkseni tilaa kyynelille. Reijosen Lapin-juuriensa äänikuvaksi säveltämä musiikki oli niin kaunista, että minusta tuntui, kuin se olisi puhdistanut minut. Kaikki se pikkusieluisuus, kateus ja katkeruus, joka minuun oli kertynyt, karisi pois ja jäljelle jäi vain ihminen, jollainen haluaisin olla. Ne olivat onnen kyyneleitä, jotka soljuivat kuumina poskille vailla minkäänlaisia kramppeja. Se oli kai hengellinen kokemus, vaikken mitään uskonnoista ponnistavaa hengellistä ole ikinä kokenutkaan.

–Concert review by Jouni Kantola