Louis de Mieulle & Matt Garstka: DUAL Out Now

Thrilled to announce the release of “DUAL”, the new album by Louis de Mieulle and Matt Garstka (Animals as Leaders)!

The album is the first installment of two parts – the second one coming out in summer ’18 – and features some of the most challenging, beautiful music I’ve ever had the opportunity to record. Needless to say, I feel honored to be featured alongside such players as Louis and Matt, both of whom I met during my Berklee time, not to mention the incredible playing of David Potaux-Razel and Aki Ishiguro.

You can hear my guitar lines on the tracks “Dramatic Intro (Hymn to the Sun”), and “Cubic Rubes”; the other tracks I recorded on will be out next summer.

Hope you enjoy!

"The underground modern jazz album you didn’t know you needed. (...) A truly impressionist and modern architecture. Polyrhythms galore, and the harmonic and melodic concepts brought on by Louis and the various guest guitarists are infectious."
–Dave Tremblay - Can this even be called Music?

"A spidery, hypnotic beast that develops into strange textures and melodies. It is gratifying that amongst all the identikit fusion out there these days that someone is taking risks and forging new paths. If you have an ear for true progressive music, you need to hear this."
–Roger Trenwith - The Progressive Aspect

"A fascinating and wildly experiment romp of math rock and neoclassical polyphony. The music is enigmatic and at times downright perplexing. [...] It's a very enigmatic mix that takes me to acid jazz and experimental rock places I have not been before. [...] I'll say this, as I write this review, I find it strangely ideal to have it playing while working. There's a productivity to the music that is motivating. [...] The big sell on this album is originality and boldness."
–Rebecca Rothschild - Divide & Conquer

All drum grooves and concepts developed by Matt Garstka and recorded first.
All melodies and harmonies added by Louis de Mieulle afterwards. Drums edited accordingly.
From the 25 minutes of recorded drums, about an hour of music was created.
DUAL is the first part of that collaboration. Second part to be released Summer '18.

Having a double character or nature
A notion of paired concepts that mirror one another
Within every independent entity lies a part of its opposite
Contrast between Set (disorder) and Osiris (order)
Mind and Body, Consciousness and Matter, Soul and Body
Abstract musical ideas - and their realization.


released December 8, 2017

Matt Garstka: Rhythmic concepts, drums
Louis de Mieulle: Melodic content, electric bass, keyboards, editing
David Potaux-Razel, Aki Ishiguro, Jussi Reijonen: Guitars
Choir by the Voices of Prague

Mixed by Alex Syner
Mastered by Rich Morales at Super Fine Audio
Produced by Louis de Mieulle

Artwork: Mark Pernice "Exit Right"